Android&ios app reverse engineering


⁠抖音(中国版),需要很强的app逆向能力和windows桌面应用程序开发,通过对app协议的逆向,把app的某些功能写成windows桌面应用程序,让app的功能在windows桌面应用程序操作,app账号登陆功能有4种登陆方式:1-》app用手机号码注册,用手机号码登陆 2-》利用第三方账号授权登陆,QQ授权登陆一种,微信授权登陆一种,微博授权登陆一种,但是利用第三方账号登陆,如果账号没有绑定手机号码,就需要绑定手机号码,但是这个验证手机号码的步骤是可以跳过的,这里需要跳过。这里登陆成功后,就会出来热门视频,热门视频有人评论,利用登陆的账号对这些评论的用户进行私信功能,一个账号对评论用户私信的次数是有限制的,比如发送了50名用户私信后就会提示频繁操作,这时候就要更换账号,windows桌面应用程序需要能够多线程操作账号,有能力的外国技术朋友请联系我,只要你技术够好,和我合作,能够让你在中国赚钱,时间自由,办公自由,联系方式中国QQ:262013381 中国微信:MONERLIU 我们的付款方式:中国银行卡或者中国支付宝,你必须开通中国银行卡例如工商银行或者中国支付宝用来收款,如果你不方便开通的话,我们可以汇款,但是汇款时间会比较久,如果想要即时就能收款的话,建议开通中国银行卡和中国支付宝,因为我需要长期合作和长期开发,而上面所描述的开发只是所有开发中的一种,但是大部分都类似,都是需要逆向app功能,然后在windows桌面应用程序实现,此内容为机器翻译,所以会觉得怪怪的,但是应该不影响,有能力的技术请联系

Tik tok (Chinese version), requires strong app reverse capability and windows desktop application development, through reverse app protocol,Write some features of the app as windows desktop applications, and let the app function operate on windows desktop applications.There are four ways to log on to the app account: 1-app is registered with a mobile phone number.Log in 2 with mobile phone number, using third party account authorization to log in, QQ authorization to log in, wechat authorization to log in, Weibo authorization to log in, but using third party account to log in.If the account number is not bound to the phone number, you need to bind the phone number, but the procedure to verify the phone number can be skipped.After landing here successfully, there will be a hot video, and there will be a comment on the popular video.Using the login account to perform the functions of private letter to the users of these comments, an account number is limited in the number of private letters to comment users, for example, it will prompt frequent operation after sending 50 users’ private letters.This is the time to change accounts, windows desktop applications need to be able to multi-thread operation accounts, capable foreign technical friends, please contact me, as long as your technology is good enough, and cooperate with me.Can let you make money in China, free time, free office,Contact information China QQ: 262013381 China wechat: menellian our way of payment: China bank card or China Alipay.You must open a Chinese bank card such as industrial and commercial bank of China or Alipay in China to collect money, and if you are not convenient to open it, we can remit money, but the remittance time will be longer.If you want to receive money immediately, it is proposed to open a Chinese bank card and Alipay in China.Because I need long term cooperation and long term development, and the development described above is just one of all development, but most of them are similar and require reverse app functions.Then implement in windows desktop application, this content is machine translation, so will feel strange, but should not affect, have the ability technology please contact.