Application security engineer, up to $3000 base + up to $3000 for utilization + more, 40h/week, Kyiv

4 positions are available:

  • 2 with $3000 base salary and $3000 utilization pay
  • 2 with $2000 base salary and $2000 utilization pay

You may leave your CV on the desktop of hr@softseq.com (but better just email it :wink: )

What to do?

  • 20h/week guaranteed base - for a US insurance software company, perform hands-on specialist appsec processes in SDLC (design review, Java code review, testing, etc)
  • 20h/week contract-dependent utilization - web and mobile app security audits for SoftSeq customers, sometimes IoT

What to do when there’s no contract-dependent utilization (project gap)?

  • CTF-team/hackaton-style organized pwning of bug-bounties - for PR (SoftSeq) and profit (all bounties are yours)
  • Project Zero-style research of trending startups, popular apps, network and IoT devices, attack techniques, etc.
  • developing PoCs of security tools/products that don’t exist, but should
  • obmazatsya with certifications
  • +open to monetizable or commercially benefiting suggestions (1-day patch diffing, malware analysis, etc. - you name it)

What to know?

  • web app security, in-depth and hands-on (must)
  • Android/iOS reverse engineering (highly desirable)
  • x86/ARM reverse engineering (desirable)
  • languages - English and python, upper-intermediate