Change number version

Hello. I have a question.
I have the game Hero kingdom weights game menu shows me versions of the game 1.00-BFGs I want to change, eg xx.
I tried to edit the exe file rescue software hacker and HxD and like I could not find number version game,
I emphasize that I want to make only cosmetic purposes for Himself.

I tried to rescue a hacker programs and the like. But I am a layman
I found the XML file in the folder T1ScriptCommon Languages ​​folder where I installed the game.
After opening in a notebook of this xml at the bottom MA Some information, which the PO change, and record changes in the game.
Only there’s nothing there is no version of the IS BUT only 1:12 in the game to NOT 1.00 to I There is nothing about this copyright is also to remove the same name of the game left.
this is screens http://www.filedropper.com/showdownload.php/zalaczniki BEFORE AND AFTER modification of ten xml before and after modification in a notebook.

Oh, and link to make a full version game, it takes 60 MB http://www.filedropper.com/heroofthekingdom
Very PLEASE help How to find and edit What zmeinić OR TO removed?
IS THERE feasible?

First, the installed executable file is packed with UPX and you have to unpack it before you can patch. Download the attach and replace “Hero of the Kingdom.exe” inside the installation folder if you don’t know how to remove UPX.

Second, open the file in a hex editor and go to 0x310F6 offset, you should see “B8 64 00 00 00” bytes. Hexadecimal number 64 is 100 in decimal form and it’s the version number itself. Thus if you want to change the version to “1.01”, change 64 with 65. Likewise, the version “5.55” is 22B in hexadecimal and the result bytes will be “B8 2B 02 00 00”.

I hope it will help you.

Hello very very much thanx for Your reply.
I download your attach and replace it inside instalation folder .
Next i tried open this exe file in HxD and i tried search a B8 64 00 00 00 ( i make screen what i maked ) And i make screen from game menu and i want delete or change information’s from on xxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx . I marked this in red circle on screen’s http://www.megafileupload.com/cy3z/attach.rar

I can’t add attach and i upload screens and files from part one game and part two because is Hero of the Kingdom I and Hero of The Kingdom II and i link

Maybe you can make this for me and i only replace file.

Please help me because i search help, try myself and i don’t have strong ehh :(:frowning:

Please …

You don’t need to search these bytes because it’s a machine instruction and there are many of them in the executable. Instead you need to locate these bytes at the offset I specified - 0x310F6. You can observe offsets at left in your hex editor. The bytes needed will be represented like that:

000310F0  00 00 00 8D 55 A0 [COLOR="red"]B8 64 00 00 00[/COLOR] E8 30 87 FE FF

It’s possible to change these strings but you have to know assembly language at a basic level because these strings are printed one by one in the code.

To remove the info you marked do following:

  1. Go to 0x31093 offset, change “E8 08 8F FD FF” with “90 90 90 90 90” to prevent printing “Version”.
  2. Go to 0x310FB offset, change “E8 30 87 FE FF” with “90 90 90 90 90” to prevent printing “1.00”.
  3. Go to 0x31121 offset, change “E8 1A 4E FD FF” with “90 90 90 90 90” to prevent printing “-bfgse”.
  4. Go to 0x3115A offset, change “E8 41 8E FD FF” with “90 90 90 90 90” to prevent printing “Copyright” string.

You almost done, do it by yourself.

Man ! You are my God . You solved my problem ! IT’S WORKED !

I have one last request to You.

I have the second part of this game Hero Of The Kingdom II
And i have the same problem :confused:
I try same solution and don’t work :confused:

I attach to this post zip file with a
Hero of the Kingdom II exe and screen with red circle what i want delete.

Please attach me a exe file because i don’t know how to remove UPX.

and please tell me step by step

To remove the info you marked do following:

  1. Go to offset, change with to prevent printing “Version”
  2. Go offset, change with to prevent printing “1.01”
  3. Go to with to prevent printing “Copyright”

And How remove ‘’ II " ( i marked this on screen )

Its my small last request for You
Please Help Me…

Oh God i can’t sleep tonight :slight_smile: You awesome Man !!

Ps. I upload full game if You need for Your Help http://www.megafileupload.com/8mca/Hero_of_the_Kingdom_II__v1.01.rar

The second executable isn’t packed so I give you patching instructions only. Of course, you can’t patch at the same offsets with the same bytes as in the previous case because it’s simple other executable file.

  1. To remove “II” from a title, do following:
    1.1. Go to 0xD1778 offset, change “16” with “13”.
    1.2. Go to 0xD178C offset, change “20 49 49” with “00 00 00”.
  2. To remove “Version”, go to 0x911CD offset, change “E8 3E 7F F7 FF” with “90 90 90 90 90”.
  3. To remove “1.01”, go to 0x9122D offset, change “E8 FE AA F9 FF” with “90 90 90 90 90”.
  4. To remove “Copyright”, go to 0x91278, change “E8 93 7E F7 FF” with “90 90 90 90 90”.

At last, feel free to ask as many questions as you need on this forum.