[CRACKED] JEB 3.17.1 Anti-Covid19 Edition by DimitarSerg

Respect. Fixed up the keygen and wrapped it in jar.
JebKeygen.jar.zip (4.3 KB)


Thanks for the help ! This works fine on my Mac!

Thanks for the share bro.

Hi xpc357, Wonder if it still working for you on Mac. if so, can you please please provides a bit detail on how you get it to work since it kept failing for me.

Can you please update the instructions on how to use it with the JebKeygen.jar ? Thank you in advance.

Keygen GUI

Hello, i have error “class com/pnfsoftware/jeb/rcpclient/Launcher not found” on windows10, can anybody help me?


    1. Fixed key generation bug for MAC.
    1. Fixed bug for generation hwid for Windows (thx Jasi2169).
    1. Fixed critical bug while generation.

New keygen:

Fixed jar (removed ~1 hour timebomb), thx guys from ru-board for report

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Thanks for you updates, but the new keygen download link is broken, could you upload it again?

All links work for me.

sendspace.com website can be accessed, but error #12 occupied when try to download it.

Finally I downloaded it successfully, thank you for sharing @Darwin.

I have no idea how to proceed (on Win10):

  • Has the Kexgen-GUI to be in a certain directory ?
  • Has this directory contain the Keygen.class ?
  • Do I have to input the “key name” somewere, as requested by the registration page?
  • “java Keygen” reports:
    java Keygen
    Exception in thread “main” java.util.NoSuchElementException
    at java.util.Scanner.throwFor(Unknown Source)
    at java.util.Scanner.next(Unknown Source)
    at Keygen.getWinSerialNumber(Keygen.java:143)
    at Keygen.getMachineSerialNumber(Keygen.java:21)
    at Keygen.getKeys(Keygen.java:161)
    at Keygen.main(Keygen.java:182)
  • Keygen GUI.exe just shows the small GUI, but nothing happens if the “Generate key” is pressed.


  1. Download and unpack “jeb-demo-” to “jeb-demo” folder.

  2. Download fixed JEB.jar file.

  3. Replace JEB.jar in “jeb-demo\bin\app” folder with the file from step 2.

  4. Run JEB:

    > jeb_wincon.bat
  5. In the registration window, click on the “Manual Keygen Generation” button.

  6. Download keygen (java_kg_1337.jar), put it anywhere and run it.

    > java -jar java_kg_1337.jar
  7. Copy the generated key to the registration window (step 5) in the “License key” field.

  8. Click on the “Continue” button.

  9. Enjoy!

hi , the .class file is not working in my mac ?

I don’t know. Some bugs have been fixed for Mac. Try to download the new version and check it.

Are you able to update the crack and jar for latest version?


Update: new cracked version is out (JEB 3.17.1). Check out the first post in the topic.

Thank you Darwin for the update.

Hey, thanks for this.

However i tried to use a script and it didn’t work

./jeb_macos.sh -c --srv2 --script=someScript.py


Disregarding unknown argument "--srv2"
Disregarding unknown argument "--script=someScript.py"
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