[CRACKED] JEB 3.24 Anti-BLM Edition by DimitarSerg


  1. Maximum license type (copying, scripts, etc. work now).
  2. Fixed all integrity checks/timebombs.
  3. All the telemetry’s been cut out.
  4. Removed the update checks and other shit that tries to connect to the Internet.
  5. Added/reconstructed saving/loading project function.
  6. Decompilation of missing opcodes for Android has been restored.
  7. Restored display of variable values when hovering over them during debugging (Android).
  8. Decompiling for other platforms was fixed (tested x86/x64, webAssembly, MIPS, ARM).

Added new option “Use BlueStacks adb” which allows the use of HD-Adb.exe from BlueStacks folder instead of default adb.exe for easy debugging using BlueStacks emulator.


  1. Replace the original jeb.jar and jebc.jar with fixed.
  2. Register it with Keygen (run it, serial will be copied to clipboard)

Installer (jeb-demo-

Fixed jeb.jar, jebc.jar and keygens (by iNVINCIBLE / by bugmenot1) :
https://www.upload.ee/files/12241840/Anti-BLM.7z.html (Mirror)

How To Register

  1. In JEB’s registration window, select “Manual Key Generation”:

  2. Generate a key.

    Method 1: Get the “license id” from the file: jeb-demo-\bin\app\jeb-license.txt

    java -jar jeb3_keygen_0.2.0b.jar you_license_id

    Mehotd 2.1: In JEB’s registration window, copy the contents of the “License data” field.

    python27 jebKeygen.py
    Input License Data: paste_you_license_data

    Method 2.2: Running the script from method 2.1 online:

  3. Paste the generated key into the “License key” field.

  4. Enjoy!


oooh unbelievable i think i am first one here
thank you very much
i will download it and test it now and i will tell you if i get any problem

i think there is problem with jeb.jar, jebc.jar
try to decompile this file to understand what the problem is
char.zip (4.2 KB)

We checked your file with licensed JEB Pro 3.24 and it also doesn’t decompile the file. So, it is a problem of the JEB itself, not the patch.

Thanks a lot really.
One problem is still there, when I debug a non-debuggable android app it fails with the following message:
Notification from: Unitname={VM},type={debug_apk} Message: This Android app is marked as non-debuggable. This demo version of JEB does not allow debugging such applications.

On the previously cracked JEB pro 3.19.1 available here too, the same feature is working.

I hope you can fix this. Thanks again.

Thanks for the report. We are aware of this issue. It is very difficult to fix. Use this trick to turn your application into debuggable.

jeb_wincon.bat -c --makeapkdebug – file.apk

The reason it works in 3.19 is because it is the official PRO retail release. But the current version is based on the DEMO version that has been patched. But as I said above, this is difficult to fix, so use workarounds.


but if you use demo version , it will decompile it
it’s weird problem

The app doesn’t work if rebuilt, and that’s exactly what I’m debugging so in my case it’s not applicable.

Please provide an alternate link for files as sendspace is not working for me.

Yeah, i’m unable to download the second file (BLM.7z)
Thanks for posting this!

Try using a VPN. The file is still available for download.

second link is not working at last step, plz update it

Everything works perfectly. Click on the “Download” twice.