Help about change method return all time true

Hi all. I have an .so file, and i tried one method change return value always true, i can see function name in decompilers but i dont know how i will change it and compile again , any one can help me ?

Function name is : IsFeatureEnabled
file is for linux (.so i need this) :
libNative.zip (77.3 KB)
file is for Windows can be help you
LibNativeForWin.zip (1.4 MB)

You don’t need recompile. Simple patch this function with code

31 c0                   xor    eax,eax
ff c0                   inc    eax
c3                      ret

For .so file
file offset: 0x6d30
replace bytes 4885FF741B with 31C0FFC0C3

For .dll file
file offset: 0x5c7b0
replace bytes 40534883EC with 31C0FFC0C3

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thank you mate patch applied but doesnt work. need more patch :frowning: can you check your P/M ?