Help required identifying VM engine in a weird android emulator


So, i was recently searching for an android emulator with lowest CPU usage and found a few cool options. I tried most of them but most of them were not efficient. The inefficient ones were using Virtual Box frontends in headless mode.

Then i found a pretty weird and cool android emulator SmartGaga. Its made by some chinese dev. Its WICKED FAST, even on 40% cpu usage even without VT-X enabled.

I tried reversing its files but i found nothing. It was completely custom built and compiled. I tried to reverse the system hardisk, but found it had a zip file appended at the front. like [ ZIP ][ ext4 HDD ].

Main Story (request)

I’m still not sure how this emulator works, and what virtualization technology its using. As i’m still not that well experienced in reversing i need a little help with this. My main goal here is to identify the VM engine and create a opensource implementation of it.

This emulator looks like its not using something ive never seen before (vbox, vmware, qemu engines). Also its wicked fast!

Please Help Guys :pray:


It is qemu based with custom android & kernel. They have own discord server - SmartGaGa

Oh. I didn’t knew that. Thanks a lot :smiley:

I checked the chat. This looks like a modding community rather than an official chat. They’re sharing modded versions with system patches to bypass emulator detection.

I’m interested in the engine. I think it might be qemu, but a custom compiled one.

As of now I found somewhere it’s using a fork of “Turbo AOW Engine” from Tencent Gameloop. TitanEngine is AOW Engine with minor improvements.

I think you’re right. Just checked 4pda and found this.


qemu is the fastest (especially Linux only KVM) so no doubts here, opensourced and no problems with OpenGL. This is why google uses it in the official sdk and constantly improves.

Exactly. I was also hoping it might be a QEMU fork. I didn’t see any QEMU related libraries, but i did find qemu related error strings in the binaries, also hard coded android system things. So it might be that they stripped off qemu strings completely.

I also read the 4pda post. They say TitanEngine isn’t a AOW fork. It’s probably a different custom engine. Although very similar to AOW Engine.

The developer has left development, the official chat was given over to another modder, they were planning on releasing the modded version as “Gamer Extreme”. Later another group released a mod as SmartGaga Remix.