Hexext - A plugin for extending Hexrays 7.0 via microcode - Now with 32 bit support

I reversed the microcode format on the leaked Hexrays 7.0. But now fuckin 7.2 has leaked so now I have to support that shit too. Anyway, this plugin makes code prettier. It does a bunch of transformations at different phases of decompilation to clean it up, remove gotos, replace bitops, change bitwise lookup tables into comparisons.

The github with the binary releases is here: https://github.com/chrisps/hexext-releases-IDA7.0

It also includes a dumb of my hexx64 ida database as idc, and a pdb file for the plugin so people can check if it does bad shit.

Here’s some comparisons:

Also it still has some bugs. It supports Hexrays x64 and Hexarm64 right now, I plan on adding support for the 32 bit decompilers once things settle down from the leaks.


Great work! Some people ask. Will you open the source code of the project or will it always be closed?

It’ll be released. It’s very messy right now so I don’t want to put it on Github yet, but if anybody is interested in having the source early along with my research materials (IDB) they can email me at chss95cs@gmail.com

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The repo has been updated with a new build for ARM64/x86-64. There is also a hexext.dll, as opposed to hexext64.dll which supports 32 bit x86 and arm.

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