Как сохранить ориг. файл? / How to save original file?

I am manually changed value of operand not through Patch program. How to save file?

Я вручную поменял значение операнда не через Патч. Как сохранить файл?

You need to generate the DIFF file through:

File => Produce file => Create DIFF file

Then use this script or equivalent to patch your file:


And what kind of extension is obtained after the script?

What is binary?

Usage: %s <binary> <IDA.dif file> [revert]

This is the file that you analyze in IDA, the file you want to patch.

Is that true?

script.py to-patch.dll to-patch.dif revert

To patch your binary:

script.py to-patch.dll to-patch.dif

To restore original binary:

script.py to-patch.dll to-patch.dif revert