How to unpack this?

Hello guys, I’m trying to reverse a radio app resources, but the resource files are packed in a zipcrypto encrypted zip file. I’m hoping someone could analyze the zip file and provide an explanation of why standard unpacking tools don’t work, they complain of CRC mismatch. In the zip is a file titled “3c6e0b8a9c15224a8228b9a98ca1531d”, let’s call this the master file and several directories with more resources inside. The password for the master file is 048a02243bb74474b25233bda3cd02f8 let’s call this the master password.
The password for the files in the other directories is stored in the master file as a base64 & DES encoded string. The DES key is cesl.8uk and ECB mode. What i find unusual in this zip is the CRC values for the files, they are short. The master file has a CRC value of 58. Please help.res_radionew.zip (1.3 MB)