IDA Pro 7.6

Hex-Rays IDA Pro is a powerful reverse engineering program that allows you to translates machine code/language into assembly language. IDA Pro is an all in one disassembler, decompilers, hex editors, and hexadecimal viewers. It is an interactive disassembler and not an automatic analyzer of programs, so you can take active participation in the disassembly process. However, the program also can perform automatic code analysis, using cross-references between code sections, knowledge of parameters of API calls, etc. IDA will give you hints about suspicious instructions, problems, and more.

Hex-Rays IDA Pro supports a variety of executable formats for different processors and operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux executable. Thanks to the unique FLIRT technology and advanced stack tracking capabilities, it works as close as is possible to the original source code. It is a high-level tool for the analysis of hostile code, vulnerability research, and COTS validation.

The IDA Disassembler and Debugger is an interactive, programmable, extensible, multi-processor disassembler hosted on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X. IDA has come to be the de-facto benchmark for the analysis of hostile code, vulnerability research, and commercial-off-the-shelf validation.

Key features:

  • Supports Windows, Linux, or Mac OS
  • The standard tool for the code analysis
  • Support encrypted or obfuscated code
  • Both 32 and 64 bits are supported
  • Advanced stack tracking capabilities
  • Testing, reviews, and secure coding
  • Support for multi-target disassembler
  • Full interactivity and extendability
  • Parameter tracking and identification
  • Code graphing, and many more.

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