[JOB] The Netherlands - Embedded Reverse Engineer


Ищем реверс инженеров в команду, в обязанности будет входить реверс ECUs прошивок автомобилей и поиск в них уязвимостей.

Компания NavInfo Europe, город Eindhoven, помогаем с релокацией.

Telegram: @RockyMu


  • 5+ years of software reverse engineering experience
  • Reverse engineering large projects written on C++
  • Reverse engineering undocumented protocols and encryption schemes
  • Strong hands-on experience with any disassembly tool such as IDA Pro
  • IoT/Automotive firmware and binaries static and dynamic analysis
  • Firmware modification, patching, vulnerability identification, analysis and exploitation
  • Experience with embedded debugging tools – JTAG, in-circuit emulator, oscilloscopes, etc.
  • Identifying research surface like input and output interfaces, communication channels and architecture
  • Strong fundamental kernel-level knowledge of RTOS and kernel
  • Hands-on experience with security vulnerability techniques, encryption, signing, and public/private key algorithms
  • Strong knowledge C, assembler x86/x64
  • Excellent English language communication skills

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