[JOB] Unpack Themida + winlicense - 200$

Hello all, I need someone to unpack a win x86 exe packed with themida and winlicense.

Official game download link: https://redfox.cdn.playredfox.net/redfox/cdn/game_client/downloader/v1007/Downloader.exe

You need to download this “downloader” from the official game site, then when launched downloader.exe choose 9Dragons Awaken and download it. Once installed you must update the game to last with NDLauncher.exe. The file.exe to unpack is called NINEDRAGONS.EXE.

If you unpack it manually, please note up a script to be able to do it automatically later. If you can do it and show me It is unpacked and working i offer 200USD. If you think It is a high or low price let me know, I can change the offer. Thank you

Hello, I did the unpack process. If you are interested, reach out via skype.