Looking for a Developer (node.js) with Reverse Engineering skills (Android Game) for a project

We are looking for an experienced android modder, who carries forward several projects already started and consolidated.

Specifically, we are looking for a developer who can maintain and continue the development of a custom server for popular mobile game.

we are looking for a figure who has the following skills:

  • Node.js: backend of the server
  • MongoDB
  • Frida: to bypass crypto
  • IDA

Most of the packages/requests have already been identified and developed.

Please note that the list of skills is not exhaustive, so there may be other requirements as well.

We are looking for a full-time figure, who at first becomes familiar with what has already been developed and then leads it to completion/improvement.

The budget is $2k~$2.5k per month

Send me a PM if interested.