Looking for reverse engineer to decompile a complex protected obfuscated windows .exe into a human-readable C++

We are looking to decompile a specific feature of MetaTrader 4/5 forex trading terminal into a human-readable code.

MT4 task:
Installation package is available here: https://download.mql5.com/cdn/web/18036/mt4/icmarketssc4setup.exe

When you launch the terminal you can click File → Open Account. Now scroll to the bottom of the server list and you will see an input box named “+add new broker…” in the bottom of the server list.

When user enters something in this box, the terminal sends the request to the server to read broker server names and broker .srv files. It then places the .srv files into terminal data folder, under config subfolder.

We need to be able to do the same from our app without using real terminal, thus we want to reverse engineer this feature.

We have more similar tasks in hand, above one is of the least complexity.