Looking for specialist in reading network traffic of applications on Windows

Specialist in reading network traffic of applications on Windows


Requires a programmer with experience in network traffic for Windows applications. If you are well versed in such things as network adapters, sockets, WinPcap, Winpcap, Wireshark, WinSock, SocketSniff, Proxocket, sniping, encryption, certificates, then you are right for us. The programming language does not play a decisive role.

Task :

open the application traffic on Windows, that is, to be able to read in real time the information that the application exchanges with remote servers. You need to intercept the app traffic and decrypt it.

We are ready to consider different forms of cooperation: salary, hourly, project work. Upon solving specific tasks, we are ready to pay well: about $ 5000 for one application.


I am interested in working on this task. Please contact me.