.lzs archives and .bin

I’m using a series of programs: UMDGen.exe, FF4_unpac.exe and FF4_pac.exe on iso ULUS10560.iso. I can use FF4_unpac.exe to unpack the PAC1.bin which gives me .lzs archives. I use TextER_TM2.exe program to extract tm2 images from the .lzs archive btl_char00.lzs. I use rainbow tm2 editor to edited correctly the tm2 images, I edit the pixel sprites of a character, and import it.
my new edited .tm2 is correct in size as the original and is swizzled like the original. I use TextER_TM2.exe to reinsert my edited tm2 images back inside of the archive. The updates btl_char00.lzs archive is the same size as the original, has the same file names as before, and now contains my edited tm2 image. I use FF4_pac.exe to repack the lzs archives back inside the PAC1.bin. FF4_pac.exe updates both PAC0.bin and PAC1.bin. I open iso ULUS10560.iso with UMDGen.exe and replace both PAC0.bin and PAC1.bin by clicking and dragging. I save the uncompressed .iso and open in PPSSPP.

The game stays on black screen, doesn’t boot.

If extract an unedited PAC1.bin, don’t touch any of its contents and just repack it, then replace it in iso with UMDGen.exe, the game will boost up in PPSSPP. i thought since TextER_tm2 will keep everything in place with my edited tm2 in the lzs archive, it should cause problem but why not boot? The new lzs archive is the same size no pointer mess up either.

Also some lzs archive won’t extract with TextER_tm2 like BattleFF4Char.lzs which also need edit

also to decompile the logic script and recompile, i believe that is event.lzs and event_jump.lzs, “0_script.bin” “4_mpk.dat”.

how much will cost to fix this. can only do paypal/cashapp

btl_char00.zip (699.5 KB)