[MASM32] B0rken ElGamal KeygenMe

B0rken ElGamal KeygenMe

Yet another company is making wild claims!
Your mission: prove that people shouldn’t trust companies promoting “revolutionary” crypto algos.
Keygen this son of a crypto nightmare and write a DETAILED tutorial!


  1. The only acceptable solution is a keygen
  2. No patching of course

You feelin’ so smart you want to show off your patching skills?
Very well, let me make a couple suggestions:
004069A4: 00 -> 01
00401257: 75 -> EB
There are more places where you can patch, but the points many people too many times don’t get are that:

  1. the only acceptable solution is a keygen actually means that the only acceptable solution is a mothering keygen
  2. no patching allowed means that if you try to post a patch or a patched executable I’ll find out where you live and set you on fire

Have fun!

  • SmilingWolf
    Любители реверса - присоединяйтесь.

К сожалению мне не удалось решить эту задачу. Кому интересно, решение здесь - тыц