Paid Request - Looking for help with finalizing a hack

I’ve been working for some time on modifying an Android app using Frida and I unfortunately got stuck at the last step. I have everything i need working with frida-server but I now need to move everything to gadget and pack it into a new apk.

The problem:
One of the app’s libraries is doing some checks on startup to detect tampering and it’s crashing the app if it detects anything. As I said, I already managed to bypass this with frida-server but now I need to move it to gadget. The problem is that the library doing the checking is the first library being loaded and by the time gadget runs the script, it’s too late. The app is using secneo packer. I was unable to find a smali file where to load gadget. I tried injecting it in the library mentioned earlier (the one loading first) and it works but still, gadget script execution is too late.

I would like to pay someone to help me out with this issue.


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Contact me in telegram please

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Resolved, thank you.

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