Reverse binary file(s) | $3000

I want to hire someone with arm64 and disassembler experience
Platform: PC/PS4 (do have source code too + other)
The job: Reverse specific game | long term
Payout: $3000

Good day! I have some relevant experience. What’s the research case? What is the target (binary, mb plenty of them), and what is the goal (to find a bug, to recover some behavior, anything else)?

It’s a binary packed file likely containing a series of if/then action statements if decoded and unpacked to modify. unpacking, decompiling and repacking/compiling the contents. e.g.

attached the relative filesection_007.zip (2.6 KB)

I do want to parse file structure. I have the executable that uses this file. It also doesn’t have any obscuration past all (the executable). Plus I have a bunch of other supplementary. can’t attach it here because its 5mb (in zip) can’t compression any smaller.

I’ve uploaded it here

The goal is:

Most common since many of the (packed) binary files are multiple sections and entries. for battle pack indeed, content depends on the section in battle_pack.bin.

Section007 is where (Gambits) are held. Those have gameplay Target Condition, Trigger condition, in short what condition need to be fulfilled for the action to be executed.

TO modify one of those Target/Trigger condition (and parameters) to execute on button/key prompt.

So like:

Trigger Condition reads:
If “X” button is pressed on controller, trigger this condition".

" If “CTRL” button is pressed on keybaord, trigger this condition."
translated to keyboard keystroke.

Clearly. I’ll take a brief overview of files you sent (up to the nearest Monday) so I could say, do I able to perform this research and how much time it should approximately take.
How urgent is this project for you?

Urgent like begin it right now I’m ready to go. Very very now.

Just need to say. The work described above costs $50. This employer, when I found out the price and refused, said: “already had about 5+ others in line”, so you may not be in time.

Yep, the work is in fact $3000. Per milestone basis.
task 1, 2 and 3. 1000, 2000, 3000. Sorry but not sorry phq you have been delisted. Simply find work elsewhere.

$1000 - Section007.bin
$1000 - for maps (sdk)
$1000 - scripts.

The total breakdown. $3000.

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