SANS Holiday Hack Challenge 2016

From the makers of SANS NetWars, CyberCity, One-Hour CtF, and so many SANS Pen Test courses, labs, and much more… comes the 2016 SANS Holiday Hack Challenge . This is our annual gift to the information security community. Do you hack, want to hack, want to know what hacking is like, and want to do it with whimsical Holiday Cheer and excitement? No… oh, ok… then carry-on. Oh! You do? That’s GREAT!

Ed Skoudis, Josh Wright, and their merry team of hacking elves have poured in hundreds of hours of talent, creativity, education, fun, and the catchiest of Holiday tunes into the most fun you’ll have hacking during the rest of 2016 and in to 2017!

Why do we do this? It really is a labor of love for Ed, Josh, their team, and the Pen Test Curriculum at SANS. The SANS Promise is that what you learn from us today, you can apply directly to your job the very next the day, and that is what the SANS Holiday Hack Challenge is all about!

Join thousands of your fellow information security professionals in a virtualized world where you’ll need to find out “Who did it” and you can only begin by going here: www.holidayhackchallenge.com