Security Team Lead Research Engineer /R&D Huawei/

Huawei R&D Center is looking for a Security Team Lead Engineer to perform vulnerability research and penetration testing on Network device security.

Location: Moscow, Moscow-City (Federation Tower)


  • Vulnerability research/penetration testing/binary reverse analysis and exploitation on network devices, and output security analysis reports;
  • Research the latest security attack and defense technologies;
  • Participate in important internal and external security meetings;

Preferred qualifications:

  • Vulnerability and security research, threat intelligence experience;
  • Experience with penetration testing;
  • Binary exploitation experience;
  • Skilled in C/C++ or X86/ARM assembly language;
  • Experience with reverse engineering (IDA Pro / Radare2, OllyDbg / Immunity Debugger)
  • CTF awards, certificate of OSCP / CEH / others, CVE-numbers consider a strong plus.

What we offer:

  • Excellent salary;
  • Work with cutting-edge technologies and participation in projects in various domains;
  • Opportunity to work in a distributed team on an international project;
  • Self-fulfillment opportunities beyond projects: we hold meet-ups and conferences where our employees act as speakers, invite trainers for speakers, and develop professional communities.

Contacts: @YuliaNovikova (Telegram)