SleepyCrypt: Encrypting a running PE image while it sleeps


In the course of building a custom C2 framework, I frequently find features from other frameworks I’d like to implement. Cobalt Strike is obviously a major source of inspiration, given its maturity and large feature set. The only downside to re-implementing features from a commercial C2 is that you have no code or visibility into how a feature is implemented. This downside is also an learning excellent opportunity.

One such feature is Beacon’s ability to encrypt its loaded image in memory while it sleeps. It does this to prevent memory scanning from identifying static data and other possible indicators within the image while Beacon is inactive. Since during sleep no code or data is used, it can be encrypted, and only decrypted and visible in memory for the shortest time necessary. Another similar idea is heap encryption, which encrypts any dynamically allocated memory during sleep. A great writeup on this topic was published recently by Waldo-IRC and is available here.

So I set out to create a proof of concept to encrypt the loaded image of a process periodically while that process is sleeping, similar to how a Beacon or implant would.

Article: SleepyCrypt: Encrypting a running PE image while it sleeps - SolomonSklash.io
Code: https://github.com/SolomonSklash/SleepyCrypt