Unlocking Packet for Game



After the awesome help provided by Darwin, now I’m stucked in the last part of my project, which is basically the unlock system (licencing). The game has 4 types of licences (demo, licence 1, licence 2 and licence 3).

Actually the unlock is made by a DLL which I inject using a launcher, but I wanna put everything to be done from inside the game, as the original. Here you can find this DLL:

The game uses computer specs validation (I found it using at least the ProductID). It means if I use my licence (even cracked) in another PC, it won’t work. To resume, I need to reproduce this DLL script in Python, to get everything “happening” from inside the game.

Btw, this DLL unlocks the “licence 2”. I would like to have the script working for “licence 3”.

Please send your proposal by PM. The target language is python, and preferable something that I can understand as well, for further maintenance. I know and expect costs on this project. So, be clear about how much you need to do this job and if possible, the time needed.

If you need, I can send you the game binaries and all other files for checks if you need. Just tell me by PM.

Task completed. Topic closed.