What obfuscator is used?


In version I was able to modify some parts of the code using dnSpy. The language is C#. But in the new(next) version, I did not succeed and I guess the code is obfuscated. Thanks for any help! :slight_smile:

Link for untouched exe and cracked exe:

it’s protected by VMProtect (.net).

Thank you very much!

It is possible to unpack/deobfuscate this .exe file? All my attempts have failed.


@hlop, https://i.ibb.co/zh3B07z/Screenshot-2020-12-19-083345.png

When I tried to open the file, I got this error. I have not modified the file, I just renamed it.

You should keep the old name.

I tried but the error continues to appear.

Is your file the original file or the unpack file?

I have this error with the modified file from hlop. I have no problem with either of the two files I put in the archive in my first post.

I recorded on a video what is happening:

Faulty unpack file. some methods are still encrypted so they cannot be run