Where can I find the Dongle for ExoCAD (3shape)?

There are full versions of Exoplan 3.0 Galway PROD, Exocad 3.0 Galway PROD, Exocad 2.4 Plovdiv PROD and installer DentalCad 2.3 matera. But when running it asks for a key (dongle), is there anyone who can help with the dongle emulator, maybe have a dump of the key memory or a log of the program exchange with the key…?

There is an obscure dongle emulator without instructions, with “The Dinkey Dongle drivers”.

After installation in the device manager appears as if I connected a new device “Software security Token”, USB security Key/.

But when I run Exocad Dongle Activator this emulator does not help at all (

Who can tell me what to do, etc.?